You want to show others what you do?

Because nowadays, photos and videos are really important to explain what is your project, what you make or what you believe in...
There is many way to show that to people, but internet and social medias are simple, fast and really efficient.
Then comes the artistic part, « should I quickly do it myself, with my smartphone? » or
« should I contract a professional crew? ».
Actually there is a cheap, fast alternative, and way easyer to organise...
Simply contact me and we will speak about your project, your needs and expectations.
See you soon.

Photography: landscape, art, architecture, events

Video: advertise your business, your band or your artisitic creation on social media and add a longer version on your website, people will love it!

Mini films by Simon Espinoux

Corazones de Plastico: Crazy serie from space to earth, episode 1 of 4

LAMBDA - Solo Clown: A quest for PEACE!